About Duane   


I'd like to thank you for visiting this website. My name is Duane and most of my life has been dedicated to understanding the world I found myself living in. While I believe that everything we do, we choose to do, my life path, like so many, was fraught with enough pain that I had to search for answers that would soothe my soul. I found enough answers to provide me with a much greater faith in this same world that I once feared to a great degree. I believe that what we do for ourselves adds to the fulfillment of those around us in some way. I believe that we are all aspects of the same totality we call God. When we believe that we are basically all aspects of the same totality, our self-ish-ness serves that one self. God, the Universe, All That Is, whatever term you choose, must take care of itself and therefore could be called selfish. Thank God for that! So selfishness isn't a bad thing. It's ignorant selfishness that hurts others and also ourselves. When our ideas reflect the greater nature of the self that we all are, we begin to understand that own enrichment is enhanced when we are enriching the lives of others. So I do this for my self. In doing that, I do this for all those who find it of value. I trust that you will find it of value.

One's background does not necessarily mean that the ideas derived from that background are of that much value. I feel a great responsibility for what I present, so doing this means that it has passed my own high standard of value, which was not an easy thing for me to rise up to. My background only provided the experience from which to draw upon. In and of itself, it guarantees nothing. The best gauge of the value of the ideas that I'll be presenting is you. But for those still interested in my life, here is a relevant summary.


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