Remote Viewing

These day's it surprises me how many people are still unaware about remote viewing and our government's involvement in researching it. It's just another name for intentially experiencing stuff in your mind that turns out to be physically verifiable, even though you may never have experienced it physically. Currently it seems to be used to all kinds of information, including emotions and non-physical stuff. Anyone who knows me well usually hears about this aspect of my life. That stuff that is now becoming more accepted as "real". I personally think that the term is just convenient to use and is a stepping stone to the mass awakening that I have seen emerging over that last few years. It's a part of all of us, like our physical eyes or nose or hands. New things seem to be frightening at first. Then after you get used to it, you wonder why you didn't know it before. It has played a role in fostering my own personal sense of trust in existence.

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