About Duane
True happiness does not come at the expense of others, but along with others. It's one of those things that we get to test to see just how true it is. Love is a magical thing. It drives all of life, even those things that seem very unloving on the surface. That's another thing we get to test. For some, this is only unconscious knowledge. For others, this lives within their conscious awareness. Regardless of the degree of such awareness, it is present within all life, as contrary as that may seem to some. Life flows much more smoothy when we are aware of this nature that we all share.

  • Passions: Discovering my place in the universe.
  • Fun Stuff: You mean besides discovering my place in the universe? Music, Dancing, and Paragliding.
  • Favorite source for inspiration: Life and Seth
  • Some Favorite songs: Change Your Mind, It's a Great Day to Be Alive, Life, Your Life is Now, You Gotta Be, Bright Side of the Road, While You See a Chance, That's the Way It Is, I'll Be There
  • My Thoughts About Life: Mindful Meanderings or Consider This, Living as You

    A bit about my background as it relates to my spiritual journey

    What I lack in talent, I make up for with spirit! Music

    Art: "I'm Screwed" "Sunrise at Cuesta" "Mom Before She "Moved On" "Bored in School"

    Photos: Mom, as I Like Remembering Her, with my son Nick My son, Then and Now. And Kitay

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